In the Hands of Dusk

by Daresay

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released March 8, 2012

written and produced by eric van mil recorded with loving help from friends and family



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Daresay Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: The Original Request
You say it gets devided in two. Well that was up to you. If I had to choose I’d still probably choose you. It’s the last joke we’ll ever tell so let’s play it loud... so very loud. * Tell me what are you above? It used to not be much. Wasn’t twenty-two years quite enough of talkin’ to ourselves? Man, we don’t have to be the same to be friends. In the back of the truck our knees touch. You pride yourself on playing loud... so very loud. * I picked up your track from the markings on the walls. Ruffled flowers and dandelions when we open our mouths. Tell me what are you above? It used to not be much. Tell me what are we above? It used to not be much. We stand our ground by playing loud... so very loud. * This is my home. In a thousand years you’ll find my bones. In the dirt. In the walls. In the teeth of your smile. My friend, I’m home.
Track Name: So Slowly Changing
Years ago we made a bet and I still don’t know whose won... so calmly changing. I don’t know just where to go now that you’ve gone. But one day you’ll find me... so slowly changing.
Track Name: The Cheap Stuff
I can live with your tattoos. I can be who you want me to. I can deal with the cigarettes if you can deal with my bed head. All the things left better unsaid that fall from my mind into your hands. Spent a whole night in regret. Don’t want to say ‘never again’ again. You don’t know me... that wasn’t me at all. If you met me we’d probably have some fun. If you gave me just a little love I’d probably come out for a little while. (maybe I will) * No, we’re not above much. So chug down the cheap stuff. Chase it with smiles. A circle you can’t get out of. But I was happy on that midnight walk from the bar back up to my home. I want to know you but baby you don’t talk. Is it real or just distracting thoughts? (we aught to know by now)
Track Name: I Hope You Never Die
The lights were all blurred as if a frosted glass had been placed right down front of our view of the land. Talk got to ourselves when he loaded the pipe. Said he don’t spend money on clothes... he spends it on wine. “But, if you must know whats really on my mind... I’m so scared of living but I’m not scared to die.” * Picked up that bottle. Headed down to the lake. Knew some folks ‘round there who might help ease his pain. Sometimes three or four hours they all blur into one. I saw my friend by the water alone in his thoughts. So I cleared my throat and I met his eye. Said, “Hey man, I hope you never die.” * When I got back home I opened up my book. I tried to take these thoughts and put them somewhere else. ’Cause it aint all too new - whats been on my mind - I’m not scared of living, but I’m so scared to die. * Down by the lake. This time just me. Saw the clouds dark with water holding their rain. I’m dry for the moment... who knows for how long? I better write it all down. I better call up my love.
Track Name: The Winged Owl / The Scared Mouse & Drunk Prospects Coda
The playlist remained the same and our ways... they never changed. Now old friends face new days. Look whose a person now... I used to think you were something else. Back in the sheltered den of our home town. So throw yesterday in the trash but still remember that it passed and I’m toasting to tomorrow. Are you in or are you out? * I cringe when I hear that same old name... the reflection of that same old face. It’s not coherent. It passes so quickly. At the bottom of this city - the dreary eyed cardboard town - all the broken glass and the cigarette bugs. I’ve been spending some hours eyes turned towards the sky just waiting for the sun to decide... “Hey man, you gonna share a light?” One day our end will come and there will be nothing for it but the hands of dusk clapping down night fall. So are you in or are you out? The winged owl / the scared mouse.
Track Name: Blood Spirit
Tell me a story of love and great distances. Bring me along on your trip to the seabed. Hold me till the late night chemicals swallow my soul. Keep me around till it’s time to go home. Bless all the spirits that are trapped in my skull. * Blood spirit. * Tell me the story of why your tired all the time. You’re falling down the chimney with a bag full of presents while I sit and stare from my place on the couch. Well, I’m not that kid no more... we’re not those kids no more. * Now we are dancing... in the city... in the daytime... in my apartment above the bad part of town. Is it really that bad? No. It’s not that bad at all.
Track Name: An I'm Not Invincible Moment
The captain of the ship is paralyzed staring out to sea wind on his cheeks. Two hours before he read his notes aloud. People at the bottom... he didn’t want to go. Now his hands stuck in his pocket collapsed on the floor. “How long was I out?” Not too long... but I guess your not invincible. * My friend met a girl that put on a play. Laid him down. Kissed his fate. Then all the likeness fell from his face. Stole his name to sign it on his grave the day he decided it was her life not his. Rather soft hair and smiles - however brief - he could now die in peace. * Alone in the alley having a smoke. Hearts beating fast back in the hall. I swear I saw the snow float up. Why can’t I be returned to the sky? Seams like every day I’m telling more lies and you turn away when I meet your eyes. If I could remember my dreams than I’d have a place to hide. Well, why can’t I?
Track Name: Cascade's Song
Astons on the porch sucking back in long hauls. Asks me a question... better tell him what he wants. What did we find on all those walks in the park? What can we take from all those high afternoons? * When I’ve lost touch Cascades gonna fill my arms. I don’t know where she came from but Cascades where I belong. * Everythings in pieces and nothing fits right. I keep on stubbing toes... never make up my mind. I’m putting on my best clothes and wearing a smile. I don’t know who I am but I’m not who I was. * My minds full of bad thoughts. Cascades gonna turn them off. I don’t know whats right or wrong but Cascades where I belong.
Track Name: Rough Cough Reprise
I don’t think we think alike you and I. So get out of my way... I want to get by. You’re so sick of hearing people talk your not going to speak anymore. You’ve been in room writing but now its time to go outside. If you want to fill your pride you know you gotta kill it first. Don’t tell me you’ve had enough... don’t you dare slam the door. * Don’t tell me your innocent smiling with your red hands. Two weeks down the drain... blood, water, and bad luck. I never turned my back. I never left you alone. When your eyes finally opened you said you wanted to go home. * Don’t count on me... my minds always changing.